It’s extremely thrilling to design your new kitchen. There are a couple of things you can do. This is particularly true when it comes to choosing the style. 

One of the most popular styles when it comes to kitchen designs is the rustic theme. There are several ways you can go with it. However, it will vary on what rustic design means to you.

One of the best ways to achieve a rustic look in your kitchen is to incorporate the right kitchen cabinets. Whether you choose a regular cabinet or go for custom cabinets, here are several tips you can follow: 

Custom Cabinets 

One of the biggest benefits of getting custom cabinets is that you can make them look anything you want. Some of the most common options include knotty pine, stone, wood, and more. With custom cabinets, you can get the finish and the style you want.  

In addition to that, custom cabinets also enable you to make changes in the future without completely replacing them. If necessary, you can also resurface wood finishes. 

Hinges, Knobs, and Handles 

You should always consider the accessories of your cabinets, especially if you want to add an extra touch. You can utilize stone, steel, brass, or other materials to get the look you want. There are a lot of options to pick from. Thus, ensure you get the ones that showcase the finish on your rustic cabinets.  

Natural Colors 

Browns, greys, greens, and blues all work great on any type of cabinet. This is particularly true if you’re going for a rustic theme. Utilize a darker shade for trim and a lighter color on the doors.  

Caramel, cream, off-white, and white are also extremely common for rustic kitchens. They go well with darker or lighter walls and exposed brick. 

Glass Fronts 

It’s also ideal to use cabinet doors with glass panes in a rustic kitchen. You can choose one with several tiny panes or a large glass door. You can even add some lights inside for a unique look. Make sure you combine it with natural polished wood and antique dishes.  

You can also choose frosted or etched glass. This depends on your preferences. They add a nice touch to the cabinets without exposing everything inside. The stained or colored glass will also provide it an antique look. 

Natural Wood 

Pick the kind of wood you want for your kitchen cabinets. Natural wood is perhaps the best option in rustic kitchens. You can have it stained, varnished, or treated. It’s also ideal to show the grain of the wood.  

It’s always better to have plain kitchen cabinets. Typically, rustic means taking from nature and utilizing it as it is. It does not require a lot of additional touches. It will look beautiful and simple just the way it is.  

You can use stain/paint and accessories to add rustic touches to the cabinets. Keep the cabinets simple and plain if you’ve got furnishing and appliances to go with the rustic theme. With this, you won’t have to worry about installing luxurious cabinets